International E-Waste day.

2018 will be the first year we recognise International E-Waste day on the 13th of October. It aims to raise awareness of how to dispose of electrical items correctly and the consequences to the planet if we don’t. This day was developed by the WEEE Forum, a group of e-waste collection schemes. This is an international […]

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How do I recycle…

There are some every day household items that don’t belong in the recycling bin and really shouldn’t or legally be thrown out in general waste. This blog will cover how to recycle items you may not know where they belong once they have served their purpose.   How do I recycle light bulbs? How to […]

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How to compost at home.

Composting is a fantastic way to re-purpose food that otherwise would go to waste and end up in a landfill. You can compost in your home or outdoors. The other benefit of composting is that it can improve soil quality and reverse the effect of soil pollution, something I have posted about previously. Due to […]

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Too Good To Go review.

Who are “Too Good To Go”? “Too Good To Go” is a international company tackling food waste head on. “Join our food waste revolution” are words they live and work by.  I really do want to stress this is not a sponsored, I was hit with a Facebook ad and that is how I found out […]

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