3 easy upcycling projects you can to at home.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse is something that has been getting more attention in recent years. There’s many ways to reuse items we throw out every day. In this blog I’m hoping to offer some upcycling inspiration, hopefully you can get the kids involved too!

Did you really have a childhood if you didn’t make one of these?

piggy bank.jpg

The paper mache piggy bank! Well this was upcycling you just didn’t know it. Other than the balloon and glue everything was reused. Old newspaper and cups from a egg box. Thanks to the world of social media – Pinterest in particular and a increase in environmental awareness upcycling isn’t uncommon. There are even businesses making a living out of it and creating some truly unique furniture.

Tin cans:

This can (no pun intended) be either drink, food cans and even biscuit tins. Here’s some inspiration on how to save money and make your home look unique:

tin cans upcycling.png

You can even get the kids involved by creating pen and pencil pots just be aware of potentially sharp edges. If you want more space consider a coffee tin instead.

Wood crates:

Wood crates and pallets too have so many uses both indoors and outdoors. These projects are more complex than a paper mache piggy bank but they do make beautiful features to any home:

wood crate upcycle.png

These are just a few ideas of how wooden crates and pallets can be used and showing how versatile they are.

CD and DVD Racks:

CD’s are essentially a dead technology now thanks to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. DVD sales have significantly dropped too but arguably not as drastic as CD sales. Some of us may still have old CD or DVD racks in the house or in storage. Here are some ideas on what to do with them to avoid the landfill:

cd rack upcycling.png

CD and DVD racks can be saved from the landfill and make your rooms a little more unique. These projects could also help you save money as shelving can be costly depending on your taste and size of your project.

Can you make One Change Now to save our landfills from a little less waste?

Disclaimer: None of these images are my own and I don’t claim them to be. 

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