Environmental damage, seeing is believing.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but when we live in the world of Google there are millions of images, millions and millions of words but very little action in comparison. Information is freely available and we all know it’s terrible seeing animals trapped in plastic or worse, dying. It can be litter in our parks that blow into our water systems and more catastrophic disasters like oil spills in the sea killing entire populations of animals.

*Warning: graphic images*

Please don’t just scroll past these images. Really look and take it in. Understand the impact of carelessness and how it can be fatal to those most vulnerable.


Litter on our beaches:

Beach litter images.png

Animals living in our waste:

Animals litter.png

Animals suffering because of carelessness:

animals trapped in plastic.png

Animals tortured with no help:

oil spill animals

Victims of our actions:

animal death plastic pollution.png


As a society we have to take responsibility that our actions are claiming the lives of innocent victims. Animals left alone to die with no help. A bird starved because it can’t close it’s mouth to eat, another bird slowly choked by plastic rings and a turtle chocking on a plastic bag and left to rot in the sand. A plastic bag that may have been used no longer than 5 seconds but will be on this earth long after the person that used it. It’s heartbreaking and entirely preventable.


What can we do?

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Ensure you recycle correctly so it doesn’t go into general waste – How to recycle.
  • Pick up your litter and other litter you see.
  • Organise community litter picks.
  • Protect our water systems. Be especially vigilant. Whether it’s a stream, drain or a lake, it all leads to our ocean.
  • Buy smart, if you can buy items that have no or less plastic then you should.


What One Change Now will you make to save lives?


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