What is urban farming?

Urban farming is when traditional farming such as growing food, bee keeping and raising animals or fish is practiced in urban areas. This can be within or around cities and in villages. In recent years urban farming as become more popular due to environmental awareness and a demand for organic food.

Benefits of Urban Farming

Urban Farming in sustainable – Whether on a small scale like a personal garden or a larger scale with green spaces if managed and looked after it can provide food for many years. Jobs can be created too if it is a larger space.

Urban farming helps the environment – The fruits and vegetables planted benefits the local air by using carbon up in our air due to pollution. Because the food is grown and distributed locally it also reduces the carbon footprint left by the usual transportation of food from farms to supermarket.

Better quality nutrition – Growing and nurturing locally gives you control of how you feed and grow your plants. Pesticides can be avoided, it is well known organic food is better for us. It can also be a family or communal project, in particular it teaches children about food and encourages them to eat their veggies.

Food brings people together – For centuries food has brought communities together whether due to a religious holiday or traditional festival. Urban Farming in communal areas can bring the sense of pride in community back.

Makes the concrete jungle green again – Having a urban farming space brings green back to a typically grey space. Here is a great example of how Chicago brought some green back to its city:

Urban Farming Chicago

Urban Farming is a worldwide movement and cities all over the world are taking a step to improve their cities:

Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin, Germany:

Urban Farming Berlin

Lufa Farms, Montreal, Canada:

Urban Farming Canada

Sky Greens, Lim Chu Kang area, Singapore:

Urban Farming Singapore

How can I start Urban Farming?

We can all contribute to making our planet a green place. You don’t need access to a huge garden, it can be a small herb pot, chilli or tomato plant. Here are some easy options to get you started for any budget in a variety of styles. Links added for you already:

Grow Me – Hot stuff chillies – £6.99

grow me chilli

Grow It Chilli Plant – £12.99

Grow it Chilli Plant

Indoor Allotment (Grow your own herbs) – £24.99

Indoor Allotment Herbs

Personalised Wooden Planter – £29.99

Personalised wooden planter

*Prices correct at time of posting.*

Whether it is for yourself or a gift, Urban Farming is accessible to anyone and we can all reduce our carbon footprint. These small and affordable ideas are how to can begin to dip your toes into growing your own food. What One Change Now will you make to start your own green space?


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