Too Good To Go review.

Who are “Too Good To Go”?

“Too Good To Go” is a international company tackling food waste head on. “Join our food waste revolution” are words they live and work by.  I really do want to stress this is not a sponsored, I was hit with a Facebook ad and that is how I found out about them. I really believe what they are doing is a fantastic way to reduce food waste. As customers we can eat professionally cooked and baked food (they do cakes in my local area) for less.


How much food goes to waste every year?

Annually one third of food produced goes to waste. This equals approximately 1.3 billions tonnes per year. Food waste is the third biggest CO2 emitter with only the USA & China ahead.

When food goes to waste there is a lot more lost than just the food itself. The entire production goes to waste. Agriculture is the biggest emitter of CO2, if we all made enough food that we actually needed and consumed we could help reduce our carbon footprint. Food waste isn’t just a problem in industrialised countries which is estimated to throw away US$ 680 billion worth of food. Developing countries also waste US$ 310 billion as well. The UN published a study about their key findings, if you want to read more click here.


Food waste


When it comes to the farming of animals a lot of time and money is spent by farmers is wasted. Water, feed and the energy taken to prepare the meat and transport to various stores is all for nothing. Vegetables too require a lot of work and it is well know pesticides are one of the key causes of a declining bee population. If we again can reduce our food production to make just what we require then we can reduce pesticide use as well.


How does “Too Good To Go” work?

too good to go how it works

Once you’ve downloaded the app you set-up your own profile and you’re done! Browse local eateries and don’t put your payment details into the app until your first purchase. You can also delete your account as easily as setting it up.

The app is available free on both Apple & Google Play so you can start browsing today.


“Too Good To Go” – Should I download it?

I’d say yes – It’s a free app, easy to set-up and taking on a serious issue that can be fixed if we all make a conscious effort to reduce what we buy. Too Good To Go can make a difference by raising awareness and as this app grows more businesses will get on board. The simple law of supply and demand. Tell your friends, grow the cause and more businesses will join and increase your choices too!

We can all make One Change Now by reducing our personal and local food waste.


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