Eco friendly gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s a great time of year to give people gifts they wouldn’t usually buy for their selves. For those of us who are environmentally aware we can gift our closest ones environmentally friendly presents. A wonderful way to get them to try something new that they may not have ever thought of buying before. It doesn’t have to be a main gift, just a little something on the side or a stocking filler.


Save the ocean and pull a pound with 4Ocean.

4Ocean is a global movement and for every bracelet you buy, whether a one off purchase or a subscription, it funds to pull a pound of trash from the ocean.

4Ocean bracelet banner

You can also buy your own 4Ocean bag with or without gloves to clean up your own local area. Their movement is expanding and you can support this too by purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet.


Start growing your own food:

Watch your plant grow from a seed, organic and pesticide free. Whether it’s chilli’s or a small tree. You don’t have to be a famous gardener to grow these little pots.

Grow it Chilli Plant  grow it bonsai tree

Better yet grow your own Christmas dinner or tree!

grow me christmas sprouts   grow me christmas tree

If yourself or a loved one is really useless then this pot will say it for you:

grow you little bastard pot


Save the bees and butterflies!

The seed ball tins (yes plastic free) are a great gift for kids and children a like. Bring life back into your garden when the spring comes back around and welcome beautiful wildlife. They are available as a bee mix, butterfly mix or urban meadow mix.

bee seedball  butterfly seed ball  urban meadow seedball

If you can’t choose which one you want then they also come as a beautiful boxed set of three seed tins. This packaging is also plastic free!

seedball box

Something for her!

Christmas is a great time to buy some active wear for someone. We all know getting fit is one of the most common New Year resolutions. Planet Warrior offer a range of recycled yoga wear. Their clothing is made of 84% recycled plastic and their yoga mat is made of 100% recyclable rubber. Their “eco-packing” is also 100% plastic-free and made of recyclable packaging. They even have dissolvable stickers!

Plant Warrior products


No waste, no fuss!

Not every council offers a free food waste service, thankfully I do. Shout out to Trafford Council (Manchester, UK) who compost all food waste! Hopefully this will become standard in the UK and beyond in all areas. If you don’t have the luxury of this then you can do this at home with the OXO Good Grips Compost Bin:

OXO Compost Bin

If you’re looking for a more luxurious items Planet Organic are offering some lovely hampers this Christmas. One of the hampers they are offering is “plastic free starter kit”. It’s presented in a beautiful wicker basket and full of items to inspire a life with less plastic in it.

plastic free starter kit

Know someone who can’t give up drinking with straws?

Lets get rid of the plastic! No one is saying give up drinking through straws, just turn to other materials like paper, bamboo, steal… edible! Yes edible! They are widely available at a low price so there is no excuse. There’s a huge range available at Drink Stuff to choose from. All the images below are from their site, not just any image on Google.


Something for you or from you:

This gift idea is for you if don’t want anything material for yourself and would rather have a gift in your name.  You may also be in a generous mood at the festive time and want to buy a gift to help someone you don’t know to help someone across the world Oxfam have options starting from £5 (or your locally currency) to help others:

Oxfam gifts


Don’t forget the wrapping!

Wrapping paper is wasteful but no one wants to give a gift as it is, unwrapping a present is half the fun! So what can we do to limit the environmentally impact this Christmas. Here are my top tips:

  • Recycle your wrapping paper, don’t just bag it.
  • Also, buy recycled wrapping paper. It doesn’t have to expensive, just plan ahead a little and look online.
  • Bye bye sellotape… hello paper tape!
  • Reuse those gift bags. Some of you may already do this but store them away for next year or reuse when friends and relatives visit after Christmas Day.
  • Does it have to be paper? Nope, get creative. Reusable gift bags made of fabric can be a great looking alternative. Go little or big… Santa’s sack under the tree.

Personalised Santa Sack

This sack is is made 100% of hessian which is usually made of of a jute plant, sisal fibres or other vegetable fibres. No waste and 100% re-usable if looked after properly.


Are you a small ethical and environmentally friendly business?

Contact me and I will be happy to feature you at no cost in future posts!


Buy for the planet this year.

Buy a gift that can make a difference to our planet no matter how big or small. If all made a small change we could hugely reduce the amount of festive waste this year. What One Change Now will you make this festive season?


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