Four everyday apps that help the environment.

There are many apps out there, thousands! Some big and a brand that anyone would recognise it. Others up and coming and some completely unknown. Without even knowing it they may be helping the environment even if that isn’t what they are trying to do.



depop logoApps that encourage users to buy and sell secondhand items can help stop the production of unnecessary goods. Depop is one of many apps that encourage selling items, particularly clothing. This can also contribute to the prevention of effects of “Fast Fashion“. A subject I have posted about before. Production of goods is it an all time high and if as a society we can learn to reuse items that are still in good condition we can slow the pace of production.


Music Magpiemusic magpie logo

Apps and websites like Music Magpie allow you to sell CDs, DVDs, games, books, phones and tech. They now even allow you to sell unwanted gift cards and LEGO! Items are then sold on their own store. With a scan of a bar code on the app you will get an instant price! For everyone that purchases an item on a secondhand site it reduces production of items.




ebay logosActive since 1995 it has evolved significantly and kept up with technology. While it is also platform for stores selling new goods it’s listing are a large percentage of second hand. They also offer a new click and collect service, Argos for example. Your item will be put on a lorry going to that store anyway. This will help reduce CO2 emissions from the transportation of goods by going to one location rather than multiple.


Facebook Marketplace

facebook logoDue to how it is very heavily based on your location and showing you items near-by. You can collect an item within miles brand new! The mirror in my hallway was £10 and I picked it up within the same postcode. Me driving 3 miles puts much less strain on the planet than mass production, transportation and packaging. It also helps but a few pound in someone’s pocket to help with household bills rather than a huge corporation who would see £10 as pennies.


By using technology we can all reduce, reuse and recycle taking strain off the planet’s limited resources. If you need something for your home why not have a look on sites that resell good quality items. We can all make One Change Now and make a difference.

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