Le Creuset Food Unearthed Campaign

Le Creuset have launched their Autumn/Winter campaign and their aim is for you to get the most out of your food. This season Le Creuset have launched “Food Unearthed”, encouraging you to batch cook, use soon to be expired food and investing in high quality cookware that can last a lifetime. With nearly 100 years experience in creating premium quality enamelled cast iron and stainless steel cookware, stoneware and a range of accessories it’s incredible to see such an influential and trusted brand taking a stand against food waste.

Yes, Le Creuset are at the higher price point but you can buy their items once and they come with a lifetime guarantee. As opposed to buying a IKEA set 5 times over and contributing to the issue of straining the planet’s resource and increasing demand. You can read about their lifetime guarantee here.

Le Cruset Food Unearthed Image 2.jpg


Food sustainability.

Approximately one third of all food produced is wasted. This means not only food was wasted but the whole process leading up to the creation of the food and the transportation of it once ready to sell.  That’s a huge amount of co2 emissions added to the environment for no reasons. There is also the water lost in production and feed when raising meat. Le Creuset’s campaign is on a mission to cut the amount of food lost and wasted.


Le Cruset collection


Making the most of your food.

Winter is the season for soups, stews and slow cooks. Personally I have always made stock out of leftover chicken bones to make soup. I am no master chef  so thankfully Le Creuset have a brilliant recipe page for perfect winter meals.

Le Cruste Food Unearthed Apple_Frangipani

It’s not just winter warmers too, if you have a sweet tooth Le Creuset have you covered with this apple and blackberry frangipane that serves 10… 10 being negotiable. In my house I’d say serving 6… I’m not here to judge.

In the UK alone we throw away 5 million tonnes of food all of it perfectly edible. It’s time this ends.


Le Creuset range

Le Cruset Food Unearthed Square Image

Le Creuset have a huge colour range and while yes they are more expensive (but long lasting) you can start you collection small. Egg cups are under £10.

If egg cups aren’t for you Le Creuset mugs start at £15 or soup bowls for this winter.

You can shop the whole Le Creuset collection and start filling your kitchen with items that will last a lifetime.Le Cruset gift

Looking for an environmentally friendly gift for someone? Look no further…

Beautiful salt and pepper mills, aprons and rainbow mug and ramekin bowl sets all make a lovely gift. Especially for someone who loves to be in the kitchen. All made to last.

If you’re worried about getting someone the wrong colour you can get a 100% steel bottle opener or steel and wood. Both completely plastic free!


With campaigns like Le Creuset’s “Food Unearthed”, big brands can make a difference, raising awareness while not alienating their audience. But engaging and educating them. If we cut back and buy better we can take the strain off the earth’s resource. If we make One Change Now, small changes just one at a time and we can begin to reverse the damage caused by years of consumerism and buying for the sake of it.



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