Black Friday weekend – Top picks for environmental products.

Every year Black Friday weekend is getting bigger and bigger. What was once only a US tradition to mark the beginning of Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving, is now a phenomenon spreading worldwide. There has been a proven link between Black Friday and an increase in air pollution and plastic waste. Due to the increased orders packaging and delivery hits an a annual high. I personally cannot see the Black Friday event going anywhere in the future, if anything it will only get bigger. But what we can do on Black Friday weekend is make purchases that will help the environment year round.


Compost bins:

Metal compost bin


Compost bins are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of them, variety of styles and many benefits composting has. Read how to compost at home here, both indoors and outdoors. John Lewis have a fantastic range of indoor compost bins:

If you’d prefer to compost outdoors then Evergreener have a huge range and wormeries to suit any space.


seedball boxEach tin contains 20 Seedballs each and you can choose from a bee, butterfly and urban mix individually or buy as a pack of three. Scatter your seedballs in spring or autumn and watch life come to your garden.

Pick yours up from Prezzybox and watch colour bloom.


Grow your own…

grow me christmas treeGrow you own chilli plant, herbs or even Christmas tree this Black Friday. If you or a loved one like a drink you can even buy a grow your own beer or gin set.

I bought the indoor allotment for my Grandad a few years ago and he loved it. The allotment can be reused once the original seeds have done their job.


Le Creuset

Le Cruset gift

Le Creuset recently launched their “Food Unearthed” campaign which aims to reduce food waste.  They released recipes on how to save food and make large meals with cheap ingredients.

With a lifetime guarantee the Le Creuset range is a excellent way of combating consumerism. A lifetime purchase rather purchasing an IKEA or supermarket range that doesn’t last more than a few years.

S’well reusable drink bottles.

S’well was launched by Sarah Kauss as part of her mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. With a range that will remain cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours the S’well range makes a great gift for anyone who is on the go. Available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit any tastes and personality.


This Black Friday make a purchase that will last or have a greater purpose. It’s much better than an impulse buy that you’d question why you bought it once delivered. Every choice can make One Change Now.

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