10 houseplants that will clean the air in your home.

Plants are one of nature’s best friends, not only do they add life into your home, they have so many other benefits to keep your air clean. In modern life air pollution has never been higher. Whether that is due to issues relating to industrialisation, climate change or ourselves adding chemicals in our home. Not only have plants been found to reduce stress and improve well being but they can improve our physical health. Here are 10 house plants you should consider having in your home to create a better environment:

Houseplants to clean your home


All of these plants are known to benefit human health, both mentally and physically. These plants are natural air cleaners, increase oxygen levels in the home and remove toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other toxins. These are just 10 amazing plants that can help improve your health at home but there are many more.

Toxins are added into our home due to cleaning products, plastics, pesticides, solvents and petrol/gas emissions. Although it is not toxic to open windows, warnings have been issued in the past due to dangerously high levels of air pollution. In 2015 residents of Shanghai were warned not to open their windows for too long. Cities in China have also been frequently in the news more recently due to images of visible air pollution. This photo was taken on the 15th of October 2018 in Beijing. It’s not weather related, it’s a toxic smog. Even with all the warnings about health risks, 3 years on after the first warning, toxic smog is still a issue faced today.

Hong Kong smog 2018

While some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer such as benzene the long-term effects to human health are not fully clear.

We can make small changes such as reducing our chemical use and adding plants in our home to improve air quality. Make your One Change Now and we can all live a happier and healthier life.


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