How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Everyone of us has a carbon footprint that leaves it’s mark on the earth. We can all do a little to reduce our carbon footprint too. This blog will offer you some easy tips on how to reduce yours.

carbon footprint infographic

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (co2) that each individual, community or organisation releases into the air. You can work out your own carbon dioxide here with this calculator.


How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

There are many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint with some simple changes. Here are 25 simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Educate yourself on climate issues…. If you read this until the end and my other posts you’re already on the way to making a change.
  2. Drive less. Plan ahead so you make less trips and even better, walk more.
  3. Buy energy efficient bulbs and appliances.
  4. Buy locally.
  5. Prepare food at home and don’t eat lunch out as frequently.
  6. Insulate your home.
  7. Put on a jumper before turning up your heating.
  8. Buy and eat less meat. Meat production and food waste is a major co2 contributor.
  9. Turn off your lights and electronics when not in use.
  10. Switch to a renewable energy supplier. Where there is a demand there will be a supply.

    Wind Farm US

  11. Plan ahead. Whether this is meal planning to avoid food waste or go to the shops once a week rather than multiple.
  12. Using public transport over a private vehicle or taxi.
  13. Not a fan of public transport? Car pool to work.
  14. Recycle. Recycling uses less energy than making from new, you can find 10 easy recycling tips here.
  15. Reduce your water use.
  16. Installing solar panels at home.

    home solar panels.png

  17. Encourage green living in your home, community, workplace and beyond.
  18. Buy less clothing and don’t contribute to the issue of “fast fashion”.
  19. Grow your own food, Urban Farming is becoming a really popular trend!
  20. Compost at home – food decomposing in a landfill adds a significant amount of methane into the environment. Read how to start here.
  21. Dry your clothes naturally where possible rather than in a machine or turning up the heating. This can be line drying or hanging indoors without the heating on.
  22. Create a garden. More tree and plants will increase the amount of co2 absorbed. If you’re low on space houseplants are great in the home both physically and mentally.
  23. Drive a low carbon vehicle.
  24. Drive steady, speeding up and breaking hard increases your fuel use. Safer for you too!
  25. Make One Change Now.


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