How to save the environment.

The vast majority of us are aware our planet and climate is changing and not for the better. Saving the planet is a mammoth task but not if we all came together and acted as one huge united force. “How to save the planet” is one of the most searched terms on Google relating to the environment. This gives me so much hope. People looking for the solution and not waiting for someone else to do something for them. So how as an individual can we make a difference? I have added additional links in the 5 ways in case you want to learn more about individual topics.


5 ways to save the environment.

Recycle – If we recycle we put less demands on the earth resources. For every item we recycle and reuse we don’t have to find or extract the raw material we would have needed to produce that item from new. You can read more about the benefits of recycling here.


recycling banner


Reduce – As a society we are placing more demand on the earth than ever. Not just because of a boom in global population but consumer demand. Whether this is the problem of “fast fashion” or the need to have the new smartphone that isn’t actually much different than the one you already have. Smartphones and electronic waste have a huge impact on the environment. As we demand more the impacts are greater. You can read about “Impacts of smartphones on the environment.” Le Creuest recently did a campaign to raise awareness of food waste, Le Creuset Food Unearthed Campaign. Their lifetime guarantee on their products is proof you can spend a little bit more once and never have to buy again. It’s better to buy quality once than a cheap set you’ll have to replace in a few years.


Le Cruset Food Unearthed Square Image


Dispose of your waste correctly – This isn’t just recycling. Even if you are on a personal mission to reduce your plastic use the chances are you’re still going to use non-recyclable materials at some point. Ensuring your rubbish does go in the bin is a huge preventative of many issues. The majority of plastic in the ocean originated from land and it’s not just the ocean. Wildlife habitats of birds and other animals are plagued by litter. Your rubbish can travel thousands of miles and you’d never know it.


polar bear bin bag


Cleaning your local area – This can be organised litter picks or just taking a bag to collect litter when you’re out yourself. How many dogs owners are reading this? Every dog walk in an opportunity. I went to Fuerteventura last summer and did my own litter pick which I published, Ocean clean up – Fuerteventura. I filled three bags when I walked a small fraction of the coastline, one bag I found while picking litter. We can begin to reverse the damage of years of neglect. The picture below shows what a difference 5 minutes can make. The bag I filled here was from another occasion, again one I found left to blow into the sea.

ocean clean up


Composting – Another easy change that saves a lot of food and other items going to total waste. Did you know you can compost tea bags, egg shells and corks from a wine bottle? When food is added to landfills it decomposes releasing methane into the air contributing to green house gases. If we compost this it can be reused for a better purpose. You can compost indoors and outdoors. I posted a review of the composter I use, OXO Good Grips compost bin review. It’s no hassle, odour and leak free and I use it every day. If you choose to compost outside in a sectioned off part of your garden, “cathole” or “trench” composting for example, this can add much needed nutrients to soil and reduce soil pollution.

home composting


Small changes to how we live can have a huge impact on the environment if we all act together. If we all make One Change Now we can begin to reverse the damage years of careless has done to the environment.


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