Corona to be the first plastic free 6-pack rings.

Plastic is a plague on our environment and it is amazing to see big brands taking steps to make a difference. Corona will be the first beer to trail 100% plastic free six pack rings in 2019. The trail will take place in select markets initially but lets hope it is rolled out in full globally. The trial will take place in Tulum, Mexico, the home of Corona.

I’ve no doubt it if goes well it well lead the way for other brands that use the traditional plastic rings. Plastic rings lead to so much suffering for our animal counterparts. They’re a choking hazard or we have seen images of scarring and restricted growth. Once caught around an animal they are trapped and only have it removed if they come pass a caring human.

turtle plastic pollution

Corona have announced the packaging will be made of plant-based biodegradable fibres and a mix of by-product waste and compostable materials. If discarded and littered they will naturally degrade in the environment with no harm caused. They will break down into organic material.

Corona are partners with Parley for the Ocean who are jointly on a mission to prevent plastic pollution and move to more eco-friendly packaging. In a press release Corona stated, “the beach is an important part of Corona’s DNA and we have been working with Parley to address the issue on the front lines where plastic is physically accumulating,” Corona Better World Director Evan Ellman said in the press release. “We also recognise the influence a global brand like Corona can have on the industry, and with the support of Parley, are pursuing scalable solutions like plastic-free six pack rings that can become a new standard to avoid plastic for good.”

Carlsberg are also taking action switching to gluing their cans together that can be together. The glue will stay strong while cold and recycled with the cans.


Carlsberg have said this will reduce their plastic use by a huge 75%! The “snap packs” will be strong enough to withstand transportation but with a twist they will easily snap.

Carlsberg’s vice president of product development, Myriam Shingleton, said she wanted the glue to become the new packaging norm, “it’s a global problem and we are very happy we are at the front end to propose that… As always in Carlsberg we will not keep this for ourselves. I’m sure other players will follow when they see that – and that’s a very exciting journey if more and more players are coming.”

Well done to Corona and Carlsberg taking on the battle against plastic pollution. By making One Change Now in their packaging the reduction of plastic will make a massive difference to the environment.


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