Walkers crisps launch a recycling scheme after public protest.

Walkers Crisps owned by PepsiCo have announced they will launch a recycling scheme. Customers can send their crisp packets back to TerraCycle who will shred them into plastic pellets which will then be used to create items such as trays and home furniture.

This year customers began protesting against plastic waste be posting crisp packets back Walkers. Royal Mail even asked customers to stop posting crisp packets without correct packaging as it was very costly to process them. The hashtag #PacketInWalkers went virally forcing the company to listen and make a change.

A petition of over 330,000 signatures went viral after the public began to raise awareness of finding old crisp packets in our environment. Emily Stevenson (below) found a crisp packet on a beach with a sell by date of 1997. She was born in 1998.

A spokesman for Walkers said: “Crisp packets are technically recyclable, the issue until now has been that they weren’t being separated or collected for recycling. This scheme will tap into an established network of recycling collection points around the UK. It is simple and free to use, all brands of crisp packets will be accepted and will ultimately be turned into other basic plastic items.”

While in an ideal world we’d like to eradicate plastic use entirely small steps like this lead the way. I recently published, Corona to be the first plastic free 6-pack rings. Big brands taking a step towards change is the proof that if the public make their voice heard change will come. Some will say we are just diverting the problem and not solving it. But in my opinion some action towards plastic pollution is better than no action while we wait for a zero waste solution.

Walkers have also set a goal of all packaging being 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable by 2025.

If you want to start recycling your crisp packets (it can be any brand), you can sign up to TerraCycle here.

By making One Change Now Walkers is telling food manufacturers globally that there is room for improvement.

What do you think? A step in the right direction or diversion from the real issue? Leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Walkers crisps launch a recycling scheme after public protest.

  1. Excellent idea, but where do we send the empty packets. We need to publish collection points or addresses for free returns.


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