Planet Warrior – Recycled plastic yoga wear.

I love when you see big brands get involved with environmental issues. We’ve seen Adidas team up with Parley, Sky’s Ocean rescue campaign raising awareness, Corona trailing the first plastic free six pack rings and Walkers have just announced they will give consumers the option to send their crisp packs to TerraCycle. But what about those smaller bands without the money already behind them already to take risks? The individuals who risk it all to create a product they are so passionate about and one that will benefit the environment?

Planet Warrior was set up by two sisters Josie & Juliette who grew up travelling Europe in a VW Camper. They saw some of the most beautiful oceans on the content and they are on a mission to keep our coast and oceans clean. They have both come up with an innovative way to find a use for used plastic and create a unique environmentally friendly brand.

What I especially love about this brand is their attention to detail in protecting the environment. Their “eco-packaging” is incredibly creative, 100% recyclable and even stickers that are dissolvable.

Plant Warrior packaging

The Plant Warrior collection currently offers four products, a yoga mat, sports bra, leggings and vest top.

Plant Warrior products

The clothing is made from 84% recycled plastic which is incredibly impressive given it is active wear. The yoga mat is made from 100% recyclable natural rubber and soft suede micro-fibre fabric top. It is entirely free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, phthalates, PVC and chlorine.

Planet Warrior lifestyle image

I’m a huge believer in buying from small business. What Planet Warrior are trying to do is incredibly admirable and I know I would choose buying from them over major brands like Nike. If we can help grow brands as an environmental community, entrepreneurs like Josie and Juliette can grow their brand and message.

Planet Warrior have been kind enough to give my readers a 30% off discount code if you would like to purchase. Enter “ONECHANGE30” for your discount.

By making choices as a consumer we can help shape our world and the products we demand. Make One Change Now and choose a brand who want to make the planet a cleaner place for us all.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Warrior – Recycled plastic yoga wear.

    1. Hey Corinne, they are £69.99 but they have a 30% off site code now which will be about £21 off right now. If you click on the second image or where “collection” is hyperlinked you can browse there 😊


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