Petrol vs electric cars, which is better?

Electric cars are becoming increasing popular and are making a lot of noise, (not literally, they are much quieter than petrol or diesel run cars.) Environmental issues have never been more in society’s face. Even people who didn’t think they’d consider a electric car are thinking twice. For those that can’t commit to 100% electric for any reason also have the option of a hybrid car.


What are the benefits of an electric car?

Electric or battery electric vehicles (BEV) have a range of benefits. This doesn’t just include the environment, but also human health and financially.


Cheaper to maintain.

Did you know electric cars only have one moving part? The rotor. Think of how many parts your petrol or diesel run car has. How many times have you been to get your car repaired and it turns out it isn’t as simple as changing one part. With an electric vehicle, as long as you look after the tyres, brakes and suspension you shouldn’t encounter too many problems.


Cheaper than petrol/fuel.

Depending on where you are in the world prices of fuel vary but one thing seems to be for sure, it’s getting more expensive to be a driver. On average, per KM electric is a third of the cost of fuel. You also have the added benefit of public charging points. I know in the UK if you have an electric vehicle you can often park at a charging point in a multistory car park. Easier parking and a free charge. It’s a winning scenario.


Benefits of a driver of an electric vehicle.

Depending on where you are in the world you may benefit from tax and stamp duty reductions. Check online to see if you can benefit in your country. Australia are particularly pro-electric vehicles.


Health benefits.

Electric cars don’t emit fumes which means better quality air for all! If like the tipping point of phone users converting to smart phones we saw people turn away from petrol vehicles. Air quality globally could significantly improve. We are now the generation with air warnings, residents of Beijing have previously been told not to open their windows due to air pollution.

Safer fuel source.

As we use the planet’s fossil fuels we face a variety of issues. Cost increasing, reliance on foreign imports and overall damage to our planet. Electricity can be renewable. If we take the pressure off the Earth’s limited resources, demand will naturally decrease. There is a argument that depending on the fuel source of your electricity it may not be as clean as you think. Check with your electricity supplier as more utility companies are using renewable energy.


Safer than traditional vehicles.

Electric vehicles are more durable, less risk of major fires and have a lower centre of gravity so they are less likely to roll over.


Better for the environment!

Less air pollution. Less noise pollution. Renewable energy source.

Eco-friendly materials are being used in the production of electric vehicles. The electric Ford Focus is made of recycled materials and used bio based materials to create the padding. The Nissan Leaf used recycled materials from old home appliances, recycled water bottles, old car parts and plastic bags in it’s creation.


Nissan Leaf


How do we make a change?

Purchasing a car is maybe something you do every 3 years depending on your personal situation. Next time you choose to change your vehicle, think electric. Make One Change Now to make our air cleaner and our Earth greener.


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