Grow your own herbs at home.

Herbs are so freely available in the supermarkets, both dried and fresh now, it’s not surprising people don’t grow them at home their selves. But how much avoidable packaging is used and there is also the huge carbon footprint for the production and transportation? This could all be saved if did it our self.

There would be a huge reductions of plastic pots and lids produced for dried herbs and no plastic film and plant pots with fresh herbs. Supermarkets could make changes such and fresh herbs having biodegradable plant pots but this takes time and if plastic is cheaper it will cut into profit.


However, lets give praise to Sainsbury’s and their own brand herbs. They are now using glass jars and metal lids. If you live in the UK please buy these if you do buy dried herbs and share on social media. #plasticfree and encourage others. If the supermarkets see the success of this hopefully it will lead the way and more supermarkets and brands will switch too.


How to start growing your own herbs:

Growing your own herbs can be super simple, this is my set-up and starter pack:

I bought a bamboo planter from IKEA and I bought my multi pack of seeds from Aldi for 99p. Included was 8 different seeds all with instructions on planting, temperatures and months they best grow. The envelops is recyclable too but the sachets are not.


Herbs included are:

  • Parsley Italian Giant.
  • Basil Sweet Genovese.
  • Chives.
  • Dill.
  • Mint Spearmint.
  • Thyme.
  • Marjoram Sweet.
  • Garlic Chives.

I had compost in the house already from last summer so the total cost to do this was £7.99. If you don’t want to buy a planter you could easily upcycle aluminium food tins making the cost tiny. There’s some more easy upcycle ideas here. You could also do the same with a glass jar, biscuit tin or any other packaging you can think of. There’s no limits.


Why are home grown herbs better?

“Fresh” supermarket herbs like any supermarket product are mass produced and made for profit. They are grown quickly in hot houses and you cannot be sure what pesticides and fertilisers were used. Because they are put under so much pressure to develop quickly, they don’t develop properly. This is why they are likely to die at home within a few days of purchase. The root ball was never allowed to develop in its growing conditions.


fresh herbs


Herbs make a great gift too!

If you know someone who is a passionate cook why not buy them something a little different and less materialistic. If you don’t want to upcycle as a gift then that is understandable. I found a couple great suggestions from Prezzybox:

You can get the Beach Hut Planter that includes mint seeds or the Indoor Allotment set which comes with basil, oregano and coriander. You could choose whether to do the sowing or leave it for the recipient.

By growing our own we remove the plastic use and carbon footprint that is produced by growing herbs on a mass scale. By making that small One Change Now we remove the use of energy, plastic and pesticides. We also have organic herbs for delicious meals.


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