What plants do bees love?

It’s been common knowledge for a while now that the bee population globally is disappearing. There has been various links to the death of bees, climate change, pesticides and other human acts that have led to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). I have previously blogged on this if you’d like to learnĀ Why are bees so important?

The death of bee populations is a huge issue and France have taken national action. They’ve banned 5 pesticides linked to the death of bees. Making them the first country in Europe to take this action. Hopefully more will follow!


Bee yellow flower


What we can we do to save the bees?

Our world is becoming a concrete jungle and bees are one of thousands of species losing their home to human development. As individuals we can help and give back and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Seeds are very easily available, currently my favourite place to buy them is Aldi. I’ve been able to buy 8 types of seeds for 99p. I recently started my own herb garden using Aldi seeds. I’ve also been washing out salsa jars to use as plant pots for my window sill. We can do this for the bees too, we can make a place in our own spaces (large or small) to help them thrive.

Due to seasonal changes depending on when you are planting your seeds will change what you should be planting. I found a great list on RSPB to get you started!

If you want a lower maintenance garden then when choosing your flowers look for the temperature on the tag. Last year i choose flowers with “-5 degrees”. Mine have remained flowered all year.

If you aren’t a natural green finger in the garden you can buy seeds made to bring bees into your garden or green space. Prezzybox offer “Seedball” mixes for bees, urban spaces and butterflies. If you’d prefer a variety they offer a collection of all three.


seedball box
Seedball Variety Pack.


The tins could then be upcycled small pots for growing herbs indoors! All these little changes make for greener living.


Bee house
National Trust Bee Log.


You can also offer a space for bees to create a colony is, The National Trust offer a hollowed out log with nesting canes. They are attractive to a variety of bee species. It will sit nicely in any garden or outdoor space.

We can all support wildlife as individuals and by making One Change Now we can help create spaces for bees to safely create and grow their bee colonies.

What have you done to help save the bees? Comment below with tips and suggestions!

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